The University of Lome (UL) and the company Togo Terminal signed a memorandum of understanding that will benefit the Institute of Trades of the Sea (I2M). The agreement aligns with efforts to tackle the training-employment mismatch witnessed in Togo’s maritime sector.

The signatories, through the deal, want to develop and co-finance maritime courses provided at the UL, and to let students do their internship at the subsidiary of Bolloré Transport and Logistics. 

The two parties will “define the general context and practical terms of the partnership, to develop collaborations in several areas of work.”  Also, they will reinforce the capacity of human resources, with in-office and sandwich training.

According to the President of the University of Lome, Dodzi Komla Kokoroko, the move aligns with the university’s ambition to use sea professions as a springboard for Togo’s economic development. 

Esaïe Edoh 


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