The Ghana Immigration Service has dedicated some processing booths at the arrival hall of the Kotoka International Airport to process Ghanaians who travel on the Ghana Card into Ghana

Passengers who arrived on the Ghana Card on Tuesday, March 1, had their identity verified against the National Identity Register. Once the passenger’s identity is verified, the passenger was then admitted into the country.

Ethiopian Airlines flight ET 921 flew in the first 14 passengers to arrive in Ghana on the Ghana Card. The flight landed at the Kotoka International Airport at 11:15am local time.

It will be recalled that the Ghana Airports Company Limited officially informed the International Air Transport Association (IATA) of Ghana government’s decision to fully roll out the use of the GhanaCard as an acceptable travel document for in-bound Ghanaian travellers

AviationGhana sources say GACL wrote to IATA as directed by the Office of the Vice President this week informing the airline body about the decision.

An attachment to the email sent by GACL to IATA and seen by AviationGhana said: “Following a ‘key ceremony’ at the headquarters of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) in Montreal, Canada, on 9th February 2022, Ghana’s National Identity Card (GhanaCard) is now duly recognised globally as a valid ID Card-passport, a Machine Readable Travel Document ( MRTD) that can be read and verified by ICAO Public Key Directory at most airports.

“Ghana Airports Company Limited announces to all airports and airlines that holders of a valid GhanaCard should be allowed to board flights to Ghana without the need for a visa. This takes effect from 1st March, 2022.”

The notice to IATA was published on the IATA TIMATIC Platform for the general information of all airlines and other concerned stakeholders.

Ghana Immigration Service, in a statement issued on February 28, said the use of the Ghana Card is restricted for in-bound travels only.

“Until bilateral agreements are signed with other countries, the Ghana Card cannot be used to travel outside the ECOWAS sub-region. Ghanaians who have renounced their Ghanaian citizenship to obtain the citizenship of another country are not eligible to travel on the Ghana card,” the statement said.


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