Stakeholders at the Aflao border including  a source close to the Transport Union council, Aflao chapter have sent a strong warning to the Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority over alleged plan by the Aflao Sector Command to sell or lease government land.

The land located at Aflao Lot 7 is suspected to be sold or leased to a private company, OA Travel and Tour to operate an exclusive terminal.

According to them, the move is illegal and an action that will create chaos as the lot 7 is currently under the management and maintenance of TUCA who had over the years maintained the lot through petty  traders currently serving passengers and travelers.

They added that, OA Travel and Tour currently load at plot 7 through TUCA  arrangement despite their failure to join the union, a situation the union is deliberating on only for the Union to receive a petition from concerned traders at lot 7 that Customs has given them 7th June to vacate the area for OA to take over.

Speaking to the Second-in-command at the Aflao Sector Command, he said his office was not aware and that his boss, the sector commander was out of town.

He added that customs reserved all  rights to use the said land for any project anytime, saying Customs will duly inform stakeholders when the Sector Commander returns to the office.

In a petition sighted by, the concerned traders at the lot 7 had called on customs to call for stakeholders dialogue to resolve the impasse  and pleaded for due  process to be followed in allocation or sale of government land to a private limited company.