Santos Aviation, an aircraft interior design company is set to refurbish and maintain aircraft fleet of Nigerians and other operators in the West African region, thereby creating multiple jobs for Nigerians and other African countries.

With the establishment of the company, aircraft owners in the country and beyond have been charged to take advantage of the establishment of an aircraft interior design company to refurbish their interiors

he company is coming into the country to invest, despite the negative effects of Covid-19 pandemic.

General Manager of Santos Aviation Services, Engr Segun Adesanya, assured that the firm which specialises in aircraft interior will be providing jobs for Nigerians.

Adesanya, an American based aircraft engineer who spoke with reporters in Lagos shortly after arriving from the US recently, said he decided to give back to the society by investing in the industry, stressing that some Nigerian professionals with Delta, United and North West Airlines would be brought to the country to assist the ones to be engaged.

He noted that airlines have suffered untold hardships in getting their aircraft interior refurbished abroad, spending huge amount of money and this time, with the commencement of the aircraft interior work in the country, there would be no need for aircraft to be flown out for upholstery work.

Adesanya revealed that officials of the US Federal Aviation Administration FAA would be coming into the country to certify its operations.

According to him, Santos Aviation was not coming into the country for competition but to transfer talent to the young ones and reduce unemployment in the country.

He said they would be working on all American registered aircraft in the country.

The Santos boss stated that, the company intends to collaborate with some educational institutions, polytechnics, universities in the area of training and after some years they would be signed off with Airframe licence in collaboration with FAA.

He however decried the situation whereby almost all the materials used in the aviation sector were being imported.


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