Taxi and tricycles operators within the Ho municipal assembly numbering over 100, met at the Ho Jubilee Park to engagement with the Ho municipal assembly over a GH1 concerns imposed by the assembly on them

speaking to the, the operators said move by the assembly is burdensome considering the current economic situation they find themselves.

They appealed to the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) to reconsider their daily toll decision and make it at least ones every market day.

The drivers said, they are ready to pay even if it will be Gh2.00 on market days which according to them is the only period they are made to generate revenue to warrant fair payment of the toll.

whiles pleading with assembly , Leaders of the various driver unions also raised an alarm over the increasing rate of underage and unlicensed drivers’ operation tricycles in the Municipality and said most reckless driving and resultant road crashes and called on the MTTD to engage them to help instill discipline and other measure including what the chairman for the tricycle riders and owners association Mr Francis Selassie Alagah’s advise to the public not to patronize any tricycle when the driver do not dress well and does not look decent.


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