AfreePress-(Lomé, July 03, 2022)- While the government struggles to find lasting solutions to the cost-of-living problem exacerbated by the war in Ukraine, the expansionist aims of Inoussa Kanazoé, a Burkinabe economic operator and owner of a cement plant in Togolese territory, risk dealing a serious blow to the government’s efforts and the livelihoods of more than 2500.

Among the activities that occupy thousands of Togolese daily in these difficult times are activities in and around the used vehicle fleets at the Autonomous Port of Lomé.

While most of these parks are under the control of expatriates, especially lebanese who operate them for the sale of vehicles, there are a few of these parks that are run by nationals.

Among them, is the ARA-TOGO park belonging until recently, to a Togolese.

But for some time this park has been the object of covetousness on the part of Inoussa Kanazoé. Owner of a cement plant located in the port area, the Burkinabe economic operator has great ambitions and dreams of getting his hands on the ARA-Togo park.

This is nothing wrong in itself, buying a park from a Togolese economic operator visibly in difficulty. But where the problem lies is what this businessman wants to do with this vast estate, adjacent to several other fleets of used vehicles and the sale of consumer goods. He wants to make it a storage car park for clinker and cement trucks.

The direct consequence of this transformation is the dismissal without warning of employees and other small merchants who work in this place, as well as those who already have vehicles in this park and who have regularly paid the parking fees.


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