By Nicholas Osei Wusu

Workers at the Kumasi Depot of Metro Mass Transit (MMT), say until the Chief Executive Officer, his two Deputies and other management members are dismissed, they will not resume work. The workers accuse the CEO and his management of not only mismanaging the transport company but also compromising on the welfare of the staff, including life after compulsory retirement.

Staff of the Kumasi depot of the Metro Mass Transit Company began a sit down strike on Wednesday, October 12, 2022, as a means of making known to the public issues affecting their welfare and sustainability of the transport company.

A visit by Radio Ghana to the Kumasi Depot of the MMT showed that almost all the road worthy fleet of buses have not moved since the start of the industrial action, even though the workers are at post and continue to report to duty everyday. The workers were seen either idling or constituting themselves into small groups discussing matters of their mutual interest, including how soon their grievances would receive the needed attention by the government.

Also, the almost always very busy bus terminal was a pale shadow of itself as there were no commuters around at the time of the visit.

The many hawkers and traders who had been taking advantage of the busy environment were left redundant.

Information available indicates that there are technical problems such as the lack of Engine Oil or Fan Belt to power the engines.

Other issues raised bothered on the issuance of alleged fake official bus tickets by some staff at the company’s head office in Accra, while the drivers are also accused of theft of fuel from the buses, an allegation they have vehemently denied.

The Chairman of the Senior Staff Union, Francis Ayim Gyampo, claimed that for five years since 2017, staff Tiers Two and Three contributions deducted by the company have not been remitted to Fund Managers of the pension schemes, just as is the case of staff monthly payment for lands purchased in their respective names, leaving them indebted to the allodia land owners, thereby threatening their ownership of the parcels of land in doubt.

According to the Union Chairman, the leadership of the local and Divisional Union are being victimised for championing the concerns of the workers and stressed that the only condition that would encourage the workers to resume work is for the President to dismiss the CEO and other key staff of the company.


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