The Director in charge of the Keta Port Project, Dr. Alexander Yaw Adusei Jnr. has assured the indigenous people of the Keta Municipality that, the incoming port project will not destroy existing businesses in the area.

Updating the public on the project development, Dr. Adusei revealed that the vision of the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority is for port and its ancillary facilities to instead enhance such existing facilities.

“People are already crying that the port is coming and people within the vicinity would not have their businesses anymore. For example, those in the salt mining industry, keta schoolboys, etc. That is not true at all! What we are going to do by bringing in this port, is to incorporate these indigenous industries within the processes and enhance them,” Dr. Adusei expressed.

The Director of the Port of Keta project revealed that the masterplan for Keta is for a port facility that would transform into a port city just like has been demonstrated in Tema.

He revealed that upon evaluation of the feasibility studies that has been conducted for the port’s development, GPHA will consider investments into the development of a cruise terminal, a ship repair facility, a fishing harbour in addition to cargo terminals.

The Director indicated that, for efficiency, it would work closely with the Road and Highway as well as the Railway Development ministries to ensure that the Keta Port project is well enshrined in the various interconnectivity plans.

Dr. Alexander Adusei revealed that an environmental impact assessment would be conducted for a major part of 2022, after which financial investment would be sought for the development of the port.

He expressed confidence however that the physical construction of the port would begin before the end of the current NPP administration.

Dr. Adusei emphasized the need for all stakeholders and the general public to be cognisant of the fact that port development takes an elaborate planning process.

As a result, the Director of the Port Project encouraged all interested parties and citizenry to channel their energies in supporting the Port project which would transform the Keta area, the Volta and Oti Regions and increase the fortunes of Ghana.


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