The Ghana Bureau Chairman of the ECOWAS Brown Card Insurance Scheme, Henry Bukari has advised drivers and vehicle owners especially those who drive across  ECOWAS member countries  to insist on taking their ECOWAS Insurance Card also called the ECOWAS Brown Card anytime they renew or insure their new vehicles.

According to him many drivers and vehicle owners were not aware that the brown card is embedded or  automatically issued by insurance companies as part of the normal insurance packages for vehicles and so do not insist on taking them.

Henry Bukari gave the advice in an exclusive interview with in Accra.

He said the brown card is an important scheme because it enables transporters to file for claims should their vehicles be involved in an accident in all ECOWAS member countries, adding that the scheme was established with the main objective of extending third party moto traffic cover or liability across the sub- region as well as promoting trade, tourism and ensuring that insurance companies pay prompt and fair compensations to victims across the sub-region .

Henry Bukari who is also the managing director of Phoenix Insurance Company said his outfit was aware of some of the challenges facing transporters in relation to the insurance scheme including delayed payment of claims and said all efforts are being made to address these challenges.


He said the bureau intends to embark on a drive to educate transporters and the general public on the importance of the brown card and the need to subscribe unto the scheme.

The ECOWAS brown card insurance scheme was launched in May 1982 following a protocol   singed unto by heads of states and governments of all 14 member countries that make up the sub region

The scheme was established on the protocol on the free movement of persons and goods across national boundaries of ECOWAS member states. It serves as a common insurance cover against third party liabilities that visiting motorists may incur while they drive across various national boundaries of ECOWAS.  

The schemes main objective is to ensure prompt and fair compensation to victims of moto accidents caused by visiting motorists using foreign registered  vehicles from other ECOWAS member states covered by a brown card insurance The scheme therefor guarantees compensation to third party victims of  cross border accidents thereby leading to the realization of the ECOWAS objective of free movement.


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