Heavy Downpour on September 1,2022, has cut off three districts including Chereponi, Saboba and Yendi in the Northern region.

A bridge at Wapuli , a community between Yendi and Saboba was destroyed due to the heavy downpour.

Residents have been left stranded in their various communities and cannot move inside or outside their jurisdictions.

Wapuli Electoral Area Assemblyman,
Zakaria Nignamoan Sanduw , told DGN Online that most farms in the community have been submerged and greatly affected.

According to him, farmers food stuffs were carried away adding that the situation will affect business activities across the districts.

“Today is Wapuli market day and usually market women come from other parts of the region to sell but because of this situation they cannot cross to the market whiles some traders from Wapuli cannot also cross to other parts of the district to do their business.”

He indicated that residents find it difficult to get access to health facilities in Yendi and other parts of Northern region due to the road cut.

“When patients are given referral from Wapuli nobody can go to Yendi to seek health care because we cannot cross to the other side of the road so it’s a difficult situation for us.”

Mr. Sanduw therefore appealed to the government to come to their aid to fix the bridge linking Saboba to Yendi to give them access to other parts of the region.

“ Government must take action quickly because the Bagre dam has been opened and so if we don’t get the bridge and road fix and if the Bagre dam comes with the flooding then we the people around Saboba will be cut off from the entire country completely, already the economic situation in the country is greatly affecting us and so if this issue should continue to add to our challenges then you can imagine what will happen to us.”

FROM Eric Kombat


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