Minority Spokesperson and Ranking member on the roads and transport committee in parliament, Hon. Kwame Agbodza says the country needs a Road and Transport Development plan to ensure that our road infrastructure is fixed across the country.

He said the current state of the country’s roads is not encouraging and that more needed to be done by government to improve our road infrastructure as majority of Ghanaians rely mainly on road transport.  

Hon Agbodza was speaking in an exclusive interview with thetranspoters.com in parliament.

The minority spokesperson who is also MP for Adaklu blamed the NPP government for the deplorable nature of the country’s roads and sympathized  with road contractors who haven’t been paid for several years by the NPP administration for work done, a situation he observed has led to many of the contractors abandoning their sites and stalling the projects in the process “ We must be honest about  the plight   of our contractors, when we do that we can demand accountability- am saddened  anytime I hear contractors complain about non-payment of legitimate money due them , some of them have taken bank loans and the banks are chasing them up. I think something needs to be done about the plight of the contractors”.

The Adaklu MP said  nobody wishes that as a country we find ourselves in the current conditions in which we are and that irrespective of which government is in power, roads must be constructed .

He commended former president Mahama for his outstanding performance during his administration for the numerous roads and infrastructural projects which he said are inuring to the benefit of the majority of Ghanaians and was hopeful that the NDC will return to power in the 2024 general elections to continue its good works for the good people of Ghana  


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