Delta Airlines’ aircraft with registration number N-195DN has been temporarily banned from flying into Ghana by the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority.

The decision contained in a letter dated August 19, 2022 that was addressed to the accountable manager of the airline, follows two incidents on the said aircraft on JFK- Accra bound flights.

On August 1st, 2022 the said aircraft with registration number N195DN was forced to return to gate due to a technical problem, prompting an investigation by the GCAA.

 The investigation revealed that the crew reported a fuel imbalance with the left main tank.

It came to light that the inbound crew reported a fuel imbalance issue when the flight left JFK to Accra  on 31st July, 2022.

“This was the same aircraft that had to return to JFK on 25th July, 2022 a few hours after take-off from JFK and which was widely reported on in various media outlets,” portions of the letter to Delta said.

The GCAA noted that given the history of the aircraft Delta Airlines would have thoroughly investigated the issue to arrive at the root cause of the failure before dispatching the aircraft on flights.

“Rather, the aircraft was flown within the United States a number of times and then dispatched again to Accra, only for the problem to reoccur.

“the Authority finds this unacceptable” hence the temporary denial of Delta aircraft with registration number N-195DN entry into Ghana,” the GCAA added.


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