(Togo First) – Ethiopian Airlines will, starting from June, provide direct flights from Lomé to Washington, thrice a week. The news was revealed by Samson Arega, regional director of the airlines in the U.S., who has been quoted by several media outlets. 

The executive stressed that the planes landing in Washington would return to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s capital. 

Ethiopian Airlines is driven by its ambition to serve more people in West Africa. That is why the airlines chose Lomé which houses one of its strategic partners, Asky Airlines.

Also, adding new flights was possible because Covid-induced restrictions are being lifted and movement resumes. This is good news for Lomé as it will reinforce its position as a relay point in Africa, for long-distance flights to the U.S.

Indeed, the Togolese capital already serves as a stopover point for connections to Africa with the New York region, and the new route will be added to those of Newark and Los Angeles, which were active before the disruptions linked to Covid-19. Overall, Togo will move closer to achieving its ambition of becoming an air hub.

Ayi Renaud Dossavi


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